one day trek to Experience beautiful nature of Kanneliya Rainforest

Due to Covid -19 outbreak in Sri Lanka currently the government has imposed curfew in all areas. All citizens are asked to stay at home for their safety. These days not only us but everybody around the world is passing a hard time. The good thing about the quarantine period is people has got the gift of time to realize what matters the most in life, To cherish and share your lovely memories with the family, maybe to take care of you old parents, To plan your next trip with your family and many more. So be positive it’s our duty to stay home.

I would be lying if I say that I don’t miss travelling at least a little bit, so today its a little tribute to my favorite hidden spot in my beautiful country. Its pity that nobody knows it very much, it’s not a top tourist destination but I’m sure it will amaze you even more and that is ‘’Kanneliya’’. I would like to name it as a hidden gem in southern Sri Lanka.

It was a sudden plan to go on a trek to Kanneliya. If you are visiting Galle, It’s a must see for all nature lovers. It’s not too far away from Galle Town. You can reach Kanneliya within 1 hour and that’s amazing. I have never experienced the feeling of walking in a tropical rain forest before. I was really excited to start trekking in Kanneliya.

So when you reach to the destination, you will not walk alone through the forest. There will be a wildlife tracker who will guide you along the way. The walk through the forest is surprisingly super easy and fast because of the flat terrain. And the kids love to walk too.

You don’t feel much tired walking through the forest as it’s shaded by a thick canopy above and there are many varieties of plants, tropical trees, and flowers which is unique to Sri Lanka. Your guide will help you to identify and explain all theinteresting facts on the way. You can enjoy trek to Kanneliya with the whole family, this trek will be more fascinating to children and it will help them to get a good experience when walking inside the rain forest. While enjoying the trek do not forget to watch the widespread birdlife and other animals such as Monkeys, Snakes, and different varieties of Chameleons etc.  If you are bird lover will also get the chance to watch Sri Lankan nation bird – Jungle Fowl, Sri Lankan Spur fowl, Sri Lankan Blue magpie and many more. If you miss do not worry the guide will able to show if he gets a chance.

If you are visiting during Rainy season make sure to be ready to avoid Leeches. Even though we started trek on a sunny day, we carried a soap and applied between our toes and legs to avoid Leeches. That’s the best and easiest thing to do because Leech socks doesn’t provide enough protection.

Kanneliya rainforest is identified as one of the floristically richest region in South Asia, and also it is the second largest primary rain forest in Sri Lanka. There are two main rivers in the island crossing through kanneliya, Gin Ganga and the Nilwala Ganga. So we did not forget to carry our swim suits. The water was crystal clear, Very clean and I couldn’t wait to come back to go for a swim.  I cannot believe how much time we spent in the water. It was great to have a swim in natural water which is not processed with Chlorine.

While coming back we stopped for a warm cup of tea which we carried from home in a flask and bought tasty Sri Lankan Pancakes from the front food corner in Kanneliya and enjoyed resting near a beautiful water fall.The guide we met was well experienced, very kind and helpful. He showed us everything around while walking into the forest.

 The whole journey will take approximately 5 hours, you should not miss this adventures experience and I’m sure you will truly enjoy being with nature. It’s the best place to visit if you are looking for a place to visit within one day and this is something which you can enjoy with your family and kids.

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