How to be productive during Isolation?

Are you tired of being forced to stay at home due to Covid-19? People all round the globe are facing this disturbing and distressing situation. But right now, it’s worth to obey what the government says and to follow their advice. Social distancing might give you feelings of loneliness and uncertainty but I’m sure we can fight these feelings if we persuade our long waiting interests, our passion.

We always dream about having more time to spend with kids and family. God has given us a lot of time to spend with our loved ones. I feel this will be the best time we have ever spent in our lives. So it’s up to you to make it special as you want.

While we practice social distancing, working from home and indulging with house work is becoming new normal. We have got plenty of time to catch up with things that we have missed while spending busy lives. Working from home might not be successful to all because of changes in the working environment. You might be feeling to put everything in halt and spend time watching news. Everything you start will not be helping during this challenging period. But do not give up, there are many more things that you can do to keep yourself occupied and productive.

For me the situation is a bit different, as I have started working from home since the beginning and I have already adjusted to a separate working area at home. So I choose to be productive during this crazy period.

Here are some tips which I have personally tried to keep you productive.

Make a To-Do List and stick to your plan.

It’s really important to schedule your day. It will help you to stay focused and remind what is next on your priority list for the day. For me creating a To-Do list every evening gives a fresh start for the day. It’s the easiest way to maintain a positive attitude and stay productive. With all plans getting postponed or cancelled, things won’t go as per the schedule. Especially when you are isolated it might be a bit hard to stick to a schedule. Because sometimes you might feel it’s okay to stay up late and watch Netflix. And you will end up doing the same all over again. You may enjoy this for a short period but eventually when days are passing you will again start thinking of doing something productive.

So to keep yourself productive you will need to have a day plan. If you try and accomplish a few tasks in your day plan, believe me you will not stop planning the next day. So when you are creating your Schedule here is few tips to start with:

  • Set  an Alarm

First few days it is a little hard to wake up to the Alarm, because suddenly you will remember that you don’t have to report on time. But No! First thing first, wake up to the Alarm if you need to be productive during the day. So, when you set the alarm, set it at a reasonable time like  7.00 am. I suggest that you wake up as early as possible.

.When I used to be a late riser, I was finding reasons why people would want to wake up so early. My mom used to wake up before the alarm, I looked at her bewildered every morning.

It took little time to understand how important it is to wake up early, and how much impact it has on our day to lives. It’s a single best habit that anyone can ever practice. If you see all the successful people around the world have one thing in common, That’s the habit of rising early which makes them more effective.

  • Practice Meditation

If you start practicing meditation, life will be a lot better than you think. Meditation can be a whole new thing for you. But if you give it a try there is nothing that you can’t do. Few minutes of meditation early in the morning is the best. You will start feeling the tranquility, it is indescribable.

Starting your day after meditating is much more effective compared to other days. You will start feeling fresh and proactive. It’s a great way to remove all your stress, anxiety   and depression. Especially during isolation meditation will help you a lot to go through all the crap you are hearing these days. Meditation will help both mentally and physically.

  • Start Thinking Ahead

This is when I started to figure out how important it is to have a daily plan. Because when you start up the day in a proper way, you will start making goals. When you have a plan it will be a lot easier to work on your goals little by little each day. These days when the whole world has stopped you can have the peace of mind and plan your life clearly. This is a good time to ask yourself what you really need and where you need to reach in life.

And also life won’t be the same as usual until we find a medicine for Covid-19. Let’s hope this ends soon and we can plan our next vacation destination at the same time.

  •  Set specific time to complete a tasks

Especially when working from home, setting up a time block for tasks is really helpful. You can break up your work day as you want to accomplish the task. It will be really effective. And in this way you will enjoy the work more. It will make you stick into your work without getting distracted scrolling your phone and passing time. Dedicating separate time for tasks will keep stress away and also you can indulge in some other work for a change.

  • Check out from work.

If you are new to working from home, it’s a really struggle to end your work for the day. Set an alarm to stop your day’s work and stick to the schedule. It’s really important to balance your family and work life.  While you work from home you need to be present with your family as well. So it’s the best option to sign off from work and reduce stress.

Have some self care time.

Its extremely important to take good care of your mind and body. Since all of us are living crazy busy lives, stressful jobs, we miss taking care of ourselves. Usually we keep it last on schedule, sometimes we miss it. Due to isolation, I think we have got the perfect time to have some me-time. Self love is the best love you can do. Love yourself first then you can start loving others.

  • Exercise

Having a good workout session is the best way to have a boost in your day.  It will keep you energized and at the same time it keeps you away from sickness. There are several Youtube channels and Apps which provide free workout lessons so you can follow easily.

You might not be able to hit the gym these days, but that’s not a problem. You can have workout sessions at home! Try including exercises such as playing badminton, tennis, and you can just walk too. 

  • Drink enough water and have healthy diet

While you keep doing all the things, you might forget the little things which are important. Drink enough water and keep yourself nourished. Try to maintain a healthy diet. You can try preparing your favorite recipes. And trust me it will be so much fun to surprise your family with delicious food.

  •  Get enough sleep

Needless to say how important it is to have adequate sleep, by now you must have already experienced what happens when you don’t get proper sleep. Make sure that you get 8 hrs sleep every day.  Set an alarm and go to sleep at night. Otherwise during this isolation when you start watching TV or Netflix, the time will fly. So make sure to set an alarm not just to wake but also to sleep at night.

  • Organize your room/wardrobe

Cleaning the room, keeping space tidy is something that I really enjoy. It’s kind of a meditation to me. This is a great time to get organized in every way. Because there is no rush to jump into some other work.  When you keep your space clean and nice you will start feeling a lot better.

Learn a new skill

Since we don’t know when this will end exactly, we have plenty of time to develop ourselves.

It’s great to spend a few hours learning something new every day. It can be a fun experiment to see how much you have progress when we are out of isolation.

You can get indulge in gardening that can also be something new that will learn during this period.

Also can start baking and cooking. That’s something new which I’m learning these days. There are many recipes on the internet. Why not give it a try?

However things are changing drastically, we need to face all situations in a positive attitude.

My suggestion is to take a few minutes of the day just to be yourself, to do what you need to do.

If you need to chill and relax, it’s completely okay. Read your favorite book or listen to a podcast that you are interested in. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and enjoy this gift of time.

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