Hi, I’m Vishwara.

Do you guys want to know why I quit my job? Here is my story… Might be a little boring but I’m sure it will help someone out there.

I worked several years as a merchandiser in the apparel industry. I live in Colombo with my husband. I have worked very hard, almost had sleepless nights. I spent more of my life stressed and full of tiredness. I didn’t think I would ever be able to give up the life which I was used to. It was very challenging but I always thought I wanted more to be happy so I have changed my ways of living.

Sometimes I used to sit at work and think why I’m in pointless meetings wasting my time and working on someone else’s dream. 

Each day I woke up with some kind of frustration and I didn’t understand why I’m feeling bad. I was tired of having a dull and monotonous life. The only thing that I hold up to is my salary which I get at the end of the month. After working my ass off, trying to give my best by working day and night and always trying to gain more savings, what always struck my mind was freedom is better than money.

Getting a good salary and going out shopping, buying branded handbags, perfumes and a house full of useless stuff made me realize that any of that didn’t bring joy to my life. 

Even if I get promotions each year and motivate myself not to leave my job it didn’t stop making me feel miserable and make me feel unsatisfied. I wanted to quit my job several times but I had mixed feelings. I had the fear of being jobless but at the same time I had a gut feeling that I can transform my life into something great.

So, I thought why not give it a try. There is a whole new world out there.

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” — Japanese Proverb

Eight months ago I made the leap, a well-planned exit from my corporate life to finally pursue my dream to be independent and to stop reporting to no one but to myself. 

Behind my hectic life, there was a person who encouraged me to have my own life the way I wanted. The person I planned to share my dreams. He helped me to stop dreaming and supported me to live my dream. 

What I always said to him is that someday I will work less and enjoy life more. Someday I will make the trip that I always wanted to visit. He helped to put a stop to my ”Someday” and to make my ”Someday” right now.

Success isn’t overnight it took a while to put everything together. Now I have time but have no money coming in, Just savings. But I’m fine with it, living with less opens up your mind to new possibilities. 

To forget the twist in my life and give our lives a spark of joy we planned our wedding.

So now we both are ready to see the world together. Since we were in a long distance relationship, we both didn’t have much time to travel together. Even if we get, that was only for a very short time. So I don’t think we loved anything else as much as traveling together. We are fully committed to the life we have just begun. By removing all unnecessary burdens in life, and focusing on the best things instead of all the things, I was able to create a life with more savings and no debt, with good health and less stress, more space and less stuff, and peace of mind.  

“Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” — Tony Robbins 

I’m not a bucket list type of girl, I don’t have an endless wish list to mark off. I always wanted to be a free soul and to give meaning to my life from all the ways possible. I prefer living in the moment and enjoy every little thing in life.

I don’t think I will ever keep a list and start ticking off which again makes me feel like I’m rushing to mark those off. Instead, I need to spend the rest of my life freely.

Looking back I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the first few months. But I thought of a way to keep myself occupied and at the same time that should be something which I enjoy. Since I was used to a tight schedule, I was not happy to sit idle. I always wanted to do something to take use of my time. I have just started travelling a lot around the country, I thought I could start sharing my stories, my little adventures with the loving people around me. That will keep me occupied and as well as that’s something I would love to do. I hope to make travel and lifestyle videos and blogs and maybe a new way of planning trips to your favorite destination.

I’m not asking anyone to follow my exact footsteps. You might get new ideas, new ways, you can share those with us too. I would love to try out new things.

I believe the best stories are the ones you share, the ones which you recall with love. I’d love to join with you on social media too! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and also you can watch our travel vlogs through Youtube. 

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