Dalgano Coffee – the instant mood fixer!

When boredom strikes hard,you don’t know what to do at all. Dealing with food is a great way to beat boredom. Here’s something I tried.

Haven’t tried making the most viral Dalgano coffee yet ? Now it’s time to give it a try. I’m sure the fluffy, whipped coffee will instantly fix your mood during these hard days at home. And also you can surprise your family by giving a tasty, picture perfect coffee just like from a cafe.

These days you have a challenge, you need to pick recipes which have very few ingredients and are easy to find. The best about Dalgano coffee is, It only needs 3 ingredients. isn’t it amazing? You can find these ingredients easily on your pantry top. Probably Two of the ingredients are already available at home and can be found effortlessly. This is super easy to make and maybe you can take help from your husband or kids to make it more interesting.

There are plenty of recipes on YouTube, you can try this too and let me know if it goes out well.

So let’s get started !

Ingredients to make Dalgano Coffee

Instant coffee 4tsp

I used regular Nescafé, which is best to get the right frothy texture when whipped.

Sugar 4 tsp

If you are sensitive to sugar you can reduce the portion or use a substitute but your mixture will be less foamy.

Hot water 4 tsp

Hot water helps you to dissolve coffee crystals and sugar easily and quickly.

Chilled or Hot Milk (the way you prefer)

Ice cubes if you want it to serve cold

How to make :

1. Add equal parts of instant coffee,sugar and hot water to your mixer. Don’t use a big bowel for small quantities as it will be a little harder when whipping and will have trouble getting the foamy consistency.

2. start whipping until it turns to a thick foamy,silky consistency. You can use a hand beater or simply a whisker to whip it.

3. Prepare your glass of milk adding ice cubes.

4. Layer it with the coffee mixture on top.

5. You can garnish it with coffee powder or chocolate chips, or any other way you like.

And your Dalgano coffee is ready to serve. Enjoy !

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