Best Beaches To Visit In Southcoast Sri Lanka

How to reach South coast Sri Lanka?

Let me tell you in brief, if you are starting from Colombo you can go by train or by bus at a very low cost. If not you can use Pickme or Uber to reach but it will be more expensive when travelling outside of Colombo than the public transport. Another way to reach the South Coast is by highway bus which will go through the southern highway. It will be super-fast than the normal Galle Road but you will need to catch the highway bus from any of these points Mahargama, Kaduwela or from Kottawa.

I prefer to catch the coastal train early morning from Colombo Fort Railway Station to Galle. That’s one of my favorite train rides in Sri Lanka, I’m sure it will be a different cultural experience for you as well. Coastal Train and Road tracks are parallel to the beach and the train will run via Galle and Matara to Belliatta. For Train ticket, you can book your Train online via and get a E ticket or you can buy your ticket from the station. Any of these methods can be used for your convenience. It’s more fun to take train rides as it’s very cheap, less tiring and saves time. It doesn’t matter if you have your own seat or not because you can hang or sit on the doorways which is more fun and exciting. You can get the best view as the train runs just a few feet away from shore and passes through small towns. But be careful I do not recommend kids to travel in the doorway. The train will be extremely crowded at times, it will depend on the time you choose to travel. For train times you can easily download the app (Sri lanka Train schedule from google play or App store) and plan your trip. If you looking for the best way to travel around Sri Lanka it is definitely by train, and make sure to have at least one train journey in your stay.

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There is no such best season to travel to the south coast; you can plan your trip anytime of the year. Usually south coastal areas have high temperatures and are dry and sunny. Sri Lanka is a small island which has lots of things to do. Sri Lanka is no short of natural beauty, there will be so many exciting and interesting places to visit across the whole island. The more time you have, you can visit more places without any time concerns. It’s better to have at least 3 to 4 weeks to really spend time relaxing and exploring the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Not only beaches, you can also visit other towns which have a great history and a cultural value.While visiting the south coastline, you can do some beach shopping on the way!

Do not get distracted by the scenic views of these sandy shores. When you plan for a beach day, don’t forget to check if it’s a place recommended to go for swimming. Because sometimes you might look for less crowded places and end up going to a place where nobody goes for a swim. There are several beach accidents that can happen if you visit a beach unknowingly. Beaches which are not recommended for swimming can be a perfect place to relax and soak in the sun while sipping a refreshing king coconut.

To have the best tranquil beach experience, here are few places which will make your mind blow!

1.       Unawatuna Beach is a lovely place to relax with the sound of gushing waves. It is one of my favorite beaches with tranquil blue waters in the south coast line. And a safe place to swim in. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, but I did not find it too busy when I visited last. Unawatuna is filled with wonderful places to dine and not too expensive.

If you are looking for something interesting to do, then you can visit Dalawella Beach which is in Unawatuna to go on a “Coconut swing’’. I know it sounds crazy but you will be amazed if you get a chance to swing with that stunning sunset view.It is one of the best beaches which has an amazing sunset view. This place is very famous for its scenic views with the coconut swing so don’t miss out.

2.       Jungle Beach is located in Unawatuna, if you are looking to avoid crowded beaches then Jungle beach is the place for you. It is not a tourist destination but it’s a place where locals go when they need to spend some beach time. It’s a quiet, smaller place with chilled breeze and has a calm sea. It’s an excellent place to go for a swim in the crystal clear water. Jungle beach is a great place to relax and spend the time leisurely.

3.       Mirissa Beach is full of positive beach vibes, it really gives a sense of true joy and peace of mind when relaxing at the beach with the laid back atmosphere. I would call it a tropical paradise. Mirissa is the world’s best place which can spot Blue whales and many other varieties from the entire world. When coming to Mirissa, Whale watching is a must do! Not only whale’s there are Dolphins. If you are lucky enough to spot a whale in your visit I’m sure it will be a lifetime experience and a great memory.Mirissa beach is also famous for high waves and most of the tourists come to surf at the Mirissa surf Bay. You can also go for a swim, the water is crystal clear.

Along the beach there are several restaurants and cafes which serve amazingly delicious seafood. And also a great place to enjoy your dinner at night as it serves food arranging tables on the beach with a candle light or a lantern. Never thought of having such a good meal at the beach, it is just ‘’Wow’’!

4.       Hiriketiya Beach is one of the best surf destinations located in Dickwella.Its also known as Hiriketiya bay. The beach is incredibly beautiful with its Horseshoe shape and the high waves that hit the shore. If you visit early in the morning you will see many surfers trying to catch the best wave. Even if you are not into surfing, Hiriketiya Beach is still a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the scenic view.

5.       Bentota Beach is commonly known as Paradise Island for its stunning views. And also known as Sri Lanka’s water sport hub. Bentota lagoon and the beach is a perfect place to enjoy water sports. There are several companies beside the beach which provides all services. It’s also a great place to relax and have a morning walk on the sandy beach. Bentota beach is a high tourist attraction destination and one of the best picturesque beaches of Sri Lanka.

6.       Kahadamodara Beach is great for weekend getaways, not crowded at all. You can spend your time freely all alone or maybe with someone special. It’s a perfect place to relax and to have long walks by the beach enjoying nature. I’m not sure if it’s a safe place to have a swim. Better ask the locals or check if lifeguards are on duty before you plan for a swim. But it’s a great place to visit if you are looking for a less crowded beach. You may also find many colorful fishing boats pulled up onto the sand. Also if you go early in the morning at around 5.00 am, you may find fishermen bringing their catch of the day by pulling their fish nets. 

Sri Lanka is a popular beach destination, Visiting the South coast is one of the essential experiences that you should have in your stay. I’m sure you can make many memories to cherish throughout your life in this beautiful little island. There are many more stunning beaches that you can visit, but these are my favorite. No matter how times i visit, There is always something new to enjoy. It’s a great way to push back daily hectic life and give a refreshing start to your life. So don’t miss out this unique experience to explore the gorgeous miles of coast line.

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