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7 Reasons Why Sea Water Will Keep You Healthy

Sea water helps remove toxins from the skin

 There are thousands of minerals in sea water and they help our health in many ways. Studies reveal that sea water helps to remove all kind of toxins from our skin and works as an exfoliator. Sodium chloride (NaCl) acts as the leading mineral of this detoxification by sea water. Sea water removes dead cells from skins and helps the new cells to grow. Another significant health benefit from sea water is healing. Sea water has the ability to heal the irritated and damaged skin. As a result of this quality, sea water is used as a treatment for many diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis etc. And sea water also can heal minor cuts and wounds, rashes, abrasions as the potassium chloride is a common mineral in sea water.  

Sea water helps  to boost the immune system

Sea water is rich in lot of rare vital minerals and chemical elements. They give sea water the ability to activate the immune system and healing process. When we having a sea bath, our skin pores get opened and absorb number of sea mineral, increases blood oxygen level, improve the amount of significant chemical elements which are essential to fight dangerous deceases. At the same time sea air is full of hydrogen ions which are negatively charged. Inhaling the sea air also helps to make our immune system in sea water and it’s also a function of immune system. So it’s very clear that sea water boost our immune system and helps to fight various types of infections and diseases.

Sea Water Helps to fight Cancer

            The latest studies have found that cherry tomatoes which are grown in sea water have high amount of antioxidants. We all know that  antioxidants works as a resistor for cancers and heart diseases.

Sea Water has an antibacterial effect on the skin

          Sea water can cure the antibacterial effects on the skins like dermatitis, acne, eczema etc. The salt in sea water, especially NaCl is the major reason for this quality. Salt water bathing is a well recommended therapy in ancient Sri Lanka by physicians. At the same time sea mud and sea sand have many benefits to skin like deep cleansing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles etc.

Sea Water is a natural treatment for cold and flu

Having a hot sea bath / or a foot bath (11.00 am – 2.00 pm day if you are in Sri Lanka) is a great way to prevent cold and flu. The scientific reason for that is the minerals in the sea water will boost the blood circulation of the body and it will drain the cold.

Sea Water make your body relax

Have you ever heard that spa’s use sea water bath as a treatment for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pains, sports injuries and high blood pressure? It’s true that they use sea water. That is because sea water can make your body relaxed.  Many therapists state that sea water bath can increase your blood circulation and make the body feel less pain.

Sea Water keeps you mentally healthy 

Beach is the best place to reduce the stress and think about your life. It will help you to clean your mind and you will feel a heavenly calmness when you put your legs in sea water.  And I must mention that, from all the seven benefits I have stated, healing the mind is the most significant health benefit of the sea. Let’s look at the scientific factors regarding this point.

A combination of sea wind, sea water and sun will work as good remedy for various emotional disorders including anxiety, depression, and apathy.  There are lot of significant minerals in sea water like bromine, magnesium and lithium which will make our brain healthier by stabilizing the trypatamine level and melatonin level.

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