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3 Top Sri Lankan Beach Dangers – Watch Out when enjoying!

Hey Guys… Watch out!!!!

          Beaches in Sri Lanka are incredibly  Beautiful but can be very Dangerous too!

For most of us in Sri Lanka, “Sri Lanka is beach”…A beautiful island with beautiful beaches… But sadly there are a lot of dangers hidden in these beaches which every traveler should watch out…

In Sri Lanka, My Land… You will find golden sandy beaches, beaches with white soft sand, rocky beaches with hard wind and battle of waves, hidden jungle beaches which never felt the warmth of a human foot and much more.

I must say this anyway… Beaches in Sri Lanka are truly gorgeous as you have heard! I swear!!!

Oh, My God! Thanks for bringing me Here! Beautiful Island! Ceylon!!

There are 3 major dangers you have to be careful when you travel in Sri Lankan Beaches. Please keep these facts in mind when you travel to Sri Lankan Beaches. They are the safest beaches in the world.. you have to watch  out for only these 3 dangers.

Sri Lanka Beach

Sea urchin! Watch out for your legs!!

In Sri Lanka you will find Sea urchins looks like stone flowers (Muhudu ikili) in Hikkaduwa, Trincomalee, Thangalle, Galle beaches which are somewhat rocky beaches. You can very easily find them, black patches with sharp spines all over the body and about 2-4 inches in diameter. 

Sea Urchin (Muhudu ikili)

                             I found One!!

Most of them are non-poisonous and some of them are poisonous, luckily in Sri Lanka they are not deadly… The poisonous type urchin is called flower urchin because they look like a flower. Non-Poisonous types are called long-spined sea urchins. There are not that many poisonous urchins in Sri Lanka… but pain is very high and unbearable…

Shorter the spine they are more poisonous! 

Use lukewarm clean water to wash the area as a first aid if you accidentally foot on an urchin. To reduce the pain keep ice and use vinegar to wash the wound 

and make sure not to put any pressure on spines as they can break easily inside the body.

You must go to hospital to have a surgeon clean the spines 100% from the foot. 


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                     Somebody Help me Please !!!

When considering the drowning records in Sri Lanka, it has the highest drowning rates compared to most of the countries.  It’s safer to stay out of the water if you don’t know whether the beach is safe for a sea bath. Consider the following tips if you going to have a sea bath in Sri Lanka

Always swim with a buddy, No matter how great you are…

Respect the information given by the locals, they know the beach well…

Keep good visual contact in between your team and especially children.

Don’t use alcohol while swimming… very risky.

And in any trouble raise your arm, get attention and remain calm. .. Save your energy. Float with water 

Falling Coconuts!

coconut, palm, tree

This is not a joke guys… Take it seriously. Coconut trees are a threat too… LOL!

Coconut is heavy… And dropping from around 75-100 feet range can even take your life. So when taking a rest or when enjoying the sun… Make sure to keep away from coconut trees. And don’t park your vehicles under coconut trees. They can damage your vehicle and check out for brown colored dry coconuts and leaves in trees… They are the real threat with the heavy wind on the beach side.

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